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Should I delete photos from my device Camera Roll or Gallery once they've been copied to my Lyve Home, Studio or Lyve Drive?

Should I delete photos from my device Camera Roll or Gallery once they've been copied to my Lyve Home, Studio or Lyve Drive?

If you'd like to free up a little extra space on your mobile device once your photos and videos have been safely copied to your Lyve Home, Lyve Studio, or Lyve Drive, it is possible to remove the original content - but before you do this, you’ll want to backup your photos and videos to another location in case something were to happen to your Lyve device. In other words, DO NOT DELETE any photos or videos from your device until you’re sure they have made it to the Lyve Home, Studio, or Drive, and they are backed up.

How to make sure your photos and videos have been copied to Lyve Home, Lyve Studio, or Lyve Drive:
  1. Open the Lyve app on your mobile device.
  2. Find the photo or video in question. You can do this through the main screen, or go to Photos or Videos within the Menu.
  3. Tap on the photo or video, then tap on the More Information ("three dots") button in the lower part of the screen to display the sources which have a copy of that particular photo or video. Ideally, you should see your Lyve device in the Sources field, which would indicate that the original photo or video has been copied over safely:

User-added image
Important note: If you delete photos or videos from the Lyve app AND your device's Camera Roll/Gallery, then they are permanently deleted! Think of the Lyve app as a window to the content on your Lyve device.

Lyve Home owners only: You can also check the photo and video count on your Lyve Home via its touchscreen, and compare that with the same count on your devices. Just navigate to the Status menu on your Lyve Home touchscreen and look for the count at the bottom. Open Lyve on your devices, tap the menu icon, then tap Settings. The file count is just below your Lyve account email address. If Lyve has completed copying, those counts should match up:

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How to backup your Lyve Home:
  1. On your Lyve Home touchscreen, swipe to Settings, then go to the General Menu.  Within General, tap on Export to USB.
  2. Next, attach your USB drive to the port on the back of the Lyve Home.  Lyve Home will alert you if the drive has insufficient space for a backup, or is in an unsupported format.
  3. Lyve Home will take a moment to scan the drive, then the Export Now button will appear.  Tap on Export Now and the backup process begins immediately, and will provide you with some details on the progress.
  4. When the export process has completed, Lyve Home will notify you onscreen.  At that point, it is safe to remove your USB drive from Lyve Home.  You're done!