Troubleshooting: Seagate Wireless Device not detected on USB.

Seagate Wireless Device not Detected via USB

Note: When this article refers to a Wireless Device it is referring to a Seagate Wireless Plus or a Seagate Wireless.

The Seagate Wireless Device will not mount on USB if the Wi-Fi mode is active.

Be sure to press the power button and wait for the blue Wi-Fi light to turn off before plugging the drive in for use in USB mode.
The drive may take up to 40 seconds to mount on USB after running in Wi-Fi mode. Allow the drive some time to connect with the PC and negotiate USB mode.


Other troubleshooting tips:

Use the original cable or a 18” USB cable to connect the drive. Longer cables have more resistance and may not allow enough power to flow to the drive.
Don’t use un-powered USB hubs. The drive will need all available USB power, so plug drive directly into a USB port on the computer or into a powered USB hub.