Using Seagate Central to stream movies or music to Apple TV through Airplay

Seagate Central can be configured to work with AirPlay and AppleTV.

Please follow this procedure to use AirPlay to stream movies or music from the Seagate Central to AppleTV. 


  1. Use the Apple remote to select your network from the list, or to enter your network name if the network is hidden.
  2. Enter your password if you have one.

    User-added image
  3. Launch the Seagate Media App once the Apple TV is on the same network as the Seagate Central.
  4. If you have more than one Seagate Central on your network, you will want to select the correct Central.
  5. Within the app, select the User-added imageand select Connected

    User-added image
  6. Now select the correct Seagate Central

    User-added image
  7. Select a movie or song within the app you would like to stream and select Play.
  8. The AirPlay icon will appear on the far right beside the "forward" button.

    User-added image
  9. Tap the AirPlay icon.

    User-added image
  10. Select Apple TV for the movie or song to play on your AppleTV.  

    User-added image

    To stop using AirPlay, tap the AirPlay button and select the iPad instead of the Apple TV.

    For more information about your Apple TV see Apple TV Support.