What are the icons next to my files on my Seagate Duet?

The icons next to your files describe the state of the file

After installing the Seagate Duet software on your computer, you may notice icons next to the files on your external drive. These icons are to help you keep track of what files have been synced to Amazon Drive so far.

There are different icons that can be displayed next to your files depending on the state of the file.

The check mark icons pictured above indicate the file has already been synced to Amazon Drive.

The syncing icons pictured above indicate the file is either currently syncing, or will be synced in the future.

User-added image

The warning icon pictured above indicates there is a policy error preventing the file from syncing.  This includes things like filenames that are too long, or include certain special characters.

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The alert, or error icon above indicates there was an error syncing the file that was not policy related.  This includes things like temporarily losing your connection to Amazon Drive while syncing.  These Seagate Duet software will make another attempt to upload these files at a later time.