What do I do when my Seagate iPad App returns me to the main iPad screen?

Troubleshooting when the GoFlex Satellite iOS app crashes.

Seagate now has several applications for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.
Occasionally an application will return you to the desktop when you attempt to use it, which is also known as "crashing", or a "crash".

This usually happens when the iPad is running low on resources or has a resource conflict with another application. There are several steps that can resolve this:

  1. Close background apps using the following steps (iPad only).
    1. Double-click the home button (the round button at the bottom center of the iPad).
    2. This will open the multitasking screen showing open Apps.
    3. Swipe up on an open App to close it.
  2. If the App still closes unexpectedly (or if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch), reboot the iDevice using the following steps.
    1. iPad: Hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top right corner of the iPad for 10 seconds.
      iPhone/iPod Touch: Hold the power button for 10 seconds.
    2. Swipe the Slide to power off prompt when it appears. 
    3. Let the device power down and sit for a few seconds.
    4. Press the Sleep / Wake (or power) button to start it again (the Apple logo should display and it should take a minute or so to boot).
    5. Close all the background apps following the instructions above.
    6. Now launch the Seagate App.
  3. If you continue to see the issue, then uninstall and reinstall the App by following these steps:
    1. Touch and hold the icon until it starts to wiggle.
    2. Touch the X in the corner of the App to uninstall.

      User-added image
    3. Go to the App Store.
    4. Search for the App and reinstall by clicking the Get button.
  4. If the App continues to crash, collect the log by syncing your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with iTunes on your computer, then look in the following folder on your computer:
    • Windows Vista+
      C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\\
    • Windows XP
      C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\\
    • Mac OS X

    The appropriate log files will start with the App's name (GoFlex Media, GoFlex Access, TV Remote).
    They are text files.
  5. Email Seagate Technical Support using the Technical Support email form with this information.
    Be sure to attach the log and explain what you were doing when the App closed.