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What to know about GoFlex Home and the Discontinuation of Remote Access

What to do now that Remote Access has been Discontinued

GoFlex Home Remote Access will be shut off December 31st, 2018.

All other GoFlex Home features should continue to work on your local network. The data on the device should not be deleted or altered in any way.  Only the remote access feature will be discontinued.


Once the service has been shut down there are a few important things you need to know.

  1. How to disable port forwarding
  2. How to access your data locally
  3. What not to do



How to disable UPnP (port forwarding) on the GoFlex Home:


  1. Open a Browser and type the following in the URL field:


  1. Login with your Username and Password.


  1. Choose Preferences.


  1. Under Server Preferences, UPnP Router Configuration, select No for Configure Router via UPnP.


  1. Click Submit.


  1. Reboot the router.


Note: If you manually set up port forwarding in the router’s setup page, those entries should be deleted. Please refer to your router’s documentation for instructions.

It may be necessary to go into your router’s setup page and disable UPNP then re-enable UPnP. This would clear any unused port forwarding in the UPnP list. Please see your router's documentation for instructions.


How to access the GoFlex home on your local network:

  • Via Web browser
  1. Open a Browser and type the following in the URL field.
  2. Login with your Username and Password.



The following information is very important:

  1. Do not use the Factory Reset Button on the side of the device’s base to reset the device.

    Note: After resetting the GoFlex Home the Setup Wizard will attempt to re-activate the GoFlex Home and would prompt for a new GoFlex Home Name and Password. Since the Remote Access Service is no longer available, the device would be unable to authenticate the new Name and Password. Therefore Setup would not be able to complete.
  1. Do not attempt to upgrade or downgrade the GoFlex Home firmware.

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