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When I attempt to configure BlackArmor Backup's OneClick Backup, it fails to find the Publico Share…why?

Troubleshooting the Spanish version of OneClick Backup when it attempts to connect to a mistranslated share name.

Seagate BlackArmor Backup – Spanish version of OneClick Backup does not work, because it cannot find the Publico Share.

Seagate BlackArmor Backup’s OneClick Backup seeks to backup to the Public Share on the BlackArmor NAS 440. However, the Spanish version of the BlackArmor Backup software seeks to create OneClick Backups in the Publico Share. This will always fail because there is no Publico Share.
Here are two workarounds:

  • Manually select the Public Share during the creation of the OneClick Backup process.
  • As an Administrator, create a Publico Share on the BlackArmor NAS 440 that has read/write access for all Users and Groups.
    This way, users have no problems configuring OneClick Backups for the computers.

Additional Information:
The Spanish version of the User Guide is also incorrect because it states that the Publica Share is the destination; not the default Publico Share. Though this differs from initial summary, the workaround is the same as above.