Why are the dates of my photos and videos wrong?

Lyve works best when your photos and videos have the proper date and time data associated with them so that they can be displayed in chronological order. Most digital cameras print the correct date and time to the photo and video file, so for most of your collection, you may not need to change anything.

Any camera roll located on your iOS or Android devices will automatically have your date and time correctly recorded with your photo and videos.

Changing the date and time of your original photos after they have been imported into Lyve

If you do see incorrect dates, or find that you need to adjust date and time of any images, you can do that directly within Lyve.

Changing the date and time of your original photos before they are imported into Lyve

Note: some file types, like .BMP (bitmap) files, have limitations around how to change their date and time.

Changing dates and times with iPhoto (Mac only)

First, select the photos or videos you'd like to adjust within iPhoto. From the iPhoto menu bar, choose Photos>Adjust Date and Time. In the popup menu, just enter the proper date and time. If you'd like this date change to carry over to Lyve, please be sure to select the option to Modify original files. There are also batch operations you can do to change the date for entire groups of pictures.

Note that this process does not currently work with Photos for OS X. We're aware of this limitation and we're researching the issue with Photos to see if it can be fixed. For more, please see these Apple Support articles: iPhoto 9.5: Change a photo’s name, description, and other information or Photos for Mac Help.

Changing dates and times with other tools

There are plenty of third-party applications available that will conveniently allow you to change the date, time, location, and other data for any photo or video. While not in any way necessary for using Lyve, you may find these helpful if you need to change a bunch of files.