Will my Seagate drive work with MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)?

Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) was released to the public in late July 2012. Seagate has evaluated current product lines to determine which ones are compatible with it. For our external drive products whose hardware is supported, Apple Time Machine is a very good backup solution.
Please note that all external drives should be disconnected while performing the update to Mountain Lion.

For more information on Apple Time Machine, please see:

Product Hardware supported Software supported
Backup Plus / Backup Plus Desk
Backup Plus for Mac
Backup Plus Desk for Mac
Seagate Slim
Yes Dashboard or higher
NTFS driver version 9.5 or higher
GoFlex Desk
GoFlex Pro
GoFlex Turbo
GoFlex Slim
Yes Seagate Diag 1.1.2 or higher*
NTFS driver version 9.5 or higher
Memeo - Current versions are not supported. New version coming soon.
GoFlex for Mac
GoFlex Slim for Mac
GoFlex Pro for Mac
GoFlex Satellite
Yes Seagate Diag 1.1.2 or higher.
GoFlex Home Yes Use manual drive mapping if the drive does not appear on the desktop.

*Seagate Diagnostics will disable the built-in sleep function on the drive when installed. This will solve drive disconnect issues seen with some older GoFlex series drives.