Xbox 360 - Setup and Troubleshooting

This article covers setting up a drive for the Xbox 360.

Due to limitations it is recommended to use a drive that is 2TB or less.

How to set your drive up for the Xbox 360:

The drive needs to be formatted FAT32

How to format the drive FAT32:

Two ways to format the drive:

  1. Let the Xbox format it
    • Attach the drive to the Xbox 360 and format it within settings
    • Go to Settings>Storage
    • The drive should show as unformatted
    • Select the drive and select format - This will erase all data so make sure that all data is backed up.
  2. Format using your operating system.
For Windows:
Format Mac use Disk Utility:
  • Open Disk Utility
Application>Utilities>Disk Utilities
  • Select the drive with the capacity listed
  • Select ‘Erase’ button
  • Change format to MS-DOS
  • You can change the name if you would like to
  • Select ‘Erase’ at the bottom of the Window. 
  • If the drive is not being detected, try a different port on the Xbox.
  • If the drive is plugged into a USB hub try removing from the hub and plugging it directly into the Xbox.
  • If the drive is still having issues take it to a Windows machine and run SeaTools for Windows on the drive.
  • For additional information and troubleshooting, see these Microsoft articles: