What Is Video Surveillance as a Service?

Explore video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) and how VSaaS can work with Seagate Lyve Cloud.

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Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) enables organizations to record, store, and access video information on a remote server.  

With an increase in cloud dependency and cloud-native applications, leveraging cloud for vital recording and surveillance efforts is becoming a top priority for scaling organizations.  

Learn about the benefits of video surveillance for enterprises.  

Why Is Video Surveillance as a Service Important? 

VSaaS can offer organizations more than just increased security efforts. Compared to traditional video surveillance setups, VSaaS provides organizations with a modernized system.   

Some benefits of VSaaS include:  

  • Secure Access: Remote video surveillance as provided by VSaaS removes unnecessary steps, wires, and secondary software needed to view content. Instead, video footage can be viewed from a secure offsite location.  
  • Flexible Access: In addition to viewing video surveillance footage offsite from a secure server, users can securely access it from anywhere in the world as well, so long as internet access permits. This is especially helpful for enterprises with an international or remote workforce.  
  • Lower Cost of Upkeep: With remote video surveillance, there are less secondary software programs, external drives, and onsite systems or devices to consistently maintain. Remote video surveillance as provided by VSaaS removes unnecessary steps, wires, and secondary software needed to view content.  


What Is VSaaS 

VSaaS refers to storing, accessing, and managing your company's video surveillance footage on a cloud server. When partnering with a VSaaS vendor, the suite of products you can access might include:  

  • Video recording 
  • Cloud-based video storage 
  • Remote management alerts 
  • Cybersecurity 

Businesses often need more flexibility when deploying their services. That’s when they turn to VSaaS for access to cloud-based tools and platforms that can be used from anywhere.  

How Does VSaaS Work?  

Firstly, let’s talk about payment. Typically, VSaaS works similarly to storage as a service in that users pay monthly to subscribe to services provided by a vendor. This provides companies with flexibility and scalability.  

Most VSaaS systems (i.e., the cameras themselves) are located on the user’s property. However, security streams are sent to the provider for monitoring and reporting. Cloud-based video surveillance systems provide businesses with modern solutions to common security problems.  

With up-to-date software and comprehensive access control, decision makers will have more power over their surveillance systems than ever before. 

Key Benefits of Video Surveillance as a Service 

Businesses have many opportunities to advance their bottom lines while pursuing better growth. This focus often leaves them unable to properly invest in the required assets. By using VSaaS, companies can unlock the added value of video surveillance without worrying about issues such as training, integrations, or updates.  

The key benefit of affordable and secure cloud-based architecture is that businesses are free to focus on their core strengths. This freedom opens them up to new opportunities, allowing them to drive down costs while pursuing future growth.  

Secure Data Storage for Large Blocks of Data 

Surveillance systems often contain vast amounts of information that can be difficult for individuals or organizations to traverse. This hard-to-use model can leave businesses compromised when security incidents occur.  

With modern surveillance and security data, security professionals and small business owners have access to optimized storage so they can get the most value out of their data. 

VSaaS deployments give users cloud-based storage models for recording and reviewing incidents in real time. This setup makes it easy to optimize environments to meet your demands. It’s better with VSaaS, meaning businesses will have a reliable, secure, and redundant security system designed with performance in mind. 

Don’t limit yourself regarding the amount of recording space and video footage you have access to. Get the most visibility out of your security solutions. Whether you need remote monitoring, recording, or analytics, VSaaS makes doing video surveillance a breeze for even the largest companies.  

Cost-Effective Storage  

As the amount of storage that a video surveillance system requires continues to grow, so does the cost of actively maintaining good security.  

High storage costs make it difficult for decision makers to prioritize preventative measures that effectively reduce crimes for individuals. The best VSaaS systems provide a low-cost option for smaller businesses or those with smaller security budgets.  

VSaaS is a cost-effective option for businesses concerned about unexpected or large-scale storage prices. By investing in the right VSaaS, companies will be able to maintain their long-term storage needs without breaking the bank. This approach leads to better security practices that aren’t sidelined by increasing costs.  

Rather than pick and choose where and when to record security incidents, use VSaaS to give yourself the flexibility you need to secure your business. An affordable storage solution is an important building block for good security. The best VSaaS providers are also affordable and will help you manage your storage needs without limitations. 


Long-term growth strategies are one of the biggest barriers to entry for companies looking to deploy their own video surveillance systems.  

For many organizations, size, budget, and available resources present major constraints to their potential for creating good security strategies. With VSaaS, business leaders can create scalable video surveillance strategies that they can rely on over time. 

Businesses that want to stay secure as they grow can use VSaaS to stay on top of software upgrades, new equipment, personnel, and any other important security needs.  

Rather than investing in their own resources, companies are turning to VSaaS as a valuable option for streamlining the ongoing maintenance of their video security systems. 

If you’re upgrading your video surveillance system or investing in a new one, consider how VSaaS can simplify integrations.  

By taking advantage of scalable VSaaS deployments across your security ecosystem, you can effectively mitigate many of the unwanted costs while benefiting from modern tools and services. Find out how much growth your business is capable of with VSaaS. 

Remote Accessibility  

As more businesses have begun to offer remote work and leverage the power of the cloud for important security operations, there has been a growing readiness on the part of cloud providers to give users the best possible solutions for their video surveillance needs.  

This drive has led to an increased number of valuable tools and services for easing the load placed on security managers and small business owners.  

VSaaS solutions give organizations access to a dedicated cloud-based platform for managing their video surveillance needs. Decision makers who require continuous oversight of their operations can deploy VSaaS systems to effectively plan and execute projects across multiple physical and digital locations.  

This approach allows them to deliver best-in-class security capabilities to their stakeholders. 

The most effective security solutions require constant attention. Rather than wasting time and resources with physical in-house recording and monitoring, consider using VSaaS to ensure you aren’t missing a thing.  

When you want real-time recording and monitoring for your business, nothing beats having the remote capabilities of VSaaS at hand. 

What’s the State of the VSaaS Market?  

As businesses continue to depend on digital recording and surveillance services for their ongoing security needs, the value of VSaaS has also increased.  

Whether it’s for file capture and storage, video surveillance and monitoring, or data tracking and analysis, many companies are turning to VSaaS for their security needs. This move has led to growth for the VSaaS market, and projections estimate that these numbers will continue to rise over the coming decade. 

VSaaS has seen an increased demand as companies have become aware of the need to protect their assets and reduce their liability for damaged or stolen goods.  

Businesses that need to remotely store, manage, and monitor footage have access to a variety of security tools that allow them to keep track of their assets in real time. Cloud-hosted services, low installation costs, and simplified integrations are just some of the benefits that users have access to when choosing VSaaS for their security needs. 

When business leaders want to create efficient video surveillance systems, they’re increasingly turning to VSaaS rather than building their own solutions. This shift has led to the growing popularity of VSaaS across multiple industries. Whether in healthcare, finance, or tech, companies see the value that VSaaS has to offer them. 

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance and Seagate Lyve Cloud 

Video surveillance is central to security for any business. Companies that need to manage large volumes of data at scale often find it difficult to effectively store, move, or activate their important information. This hobble means that they won’t be able to successfully leverage their valuable assets to improve the delivery of service.  

Seagate Lyve Cloud is compatible with existing or new VSaaS efforts, working to optimize your video surveillance solution by offering scalable, flexible, and cost-effective storage.  

Explore how Lyve Cloud supports cloud data storage and security.