The Edge-to-Cloud Mass Storage Platform

Overcome the cost and complexity of storing, moving, and activating data at scale.

A New Way to Data

Lyve™ is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate®—built for the distributed enterprise to capture the unstructured data explosion.

Mass Capacity
Store Everything

Capture massive volumes of unstructured data while accelerating IT cost reduction with unrivaled cost per petabyte and a predictable as-a-service consumption model.

Edge Optimized
Built for the Edge

Deploy storage infrastructure closer to the data source. Bypass the public internet and overcome the barriers of data gravity that force data silos and deletion.

Cloud Neutral
Vendor-Agnostic Flexibility

Take control of your data and interconnect with any cloud or compute ecosytem to enhance your hybrid multicloud performance.

Data Mobility
Frictionless Movement

Move your data to wherever it creates the most value with zero egress or access fees and support for rapid data transfer across edge and cloud storage environments.

From Edge to Cloud and Everything in Between

Lyve is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate—a comprehensive suite of services, hardware, and software built for the data-driven, distributed enterprise.

You have a data problem

Data growth is outstripping storage capacity and network bandwidth, yet competing in today’s data economy is predicated on storing, mobilizing, and analyzing it at unprecedented volume and speed—all in an increasingly distributed IT ecosystem.

Out with the Old Way

The old way is limited. Data goes uncaptured and unused. Why?

  • The prohibitive cost of enterprise storage and vendor lock-in limits the volume of data you can store and activate.
  • Data gravity means centralized IT architecture and data backhaul approaches are inefficient because of slow, expensive network transfer and cloud ingestion.
  • Data scattered across multiple clouds and edge locations is siloed, stifling innovation.

Complexity abounds. There’s got to be a better way.

In with the New Way

Lyve is a new way to data—a storage platform without limits.

  • Lyve complements your existing cloud infrastructure, extending it to the edge—closer to the data source—to help you overcome the barriers of data gravity.
  • Predictable, simple, as-a-service consumption means no vendor lock-in and no surprises on your monthly bill.
  • Built on the hyperscale blueprint for unrivaled data economics at petabyte through exabyte scale.
  • Break down multi-cloud, multi-site data silos with automated, policy-driven orchestration for frictionless, rapid movement and ingestion of data from endpoint to edge to cloud.

The new way means data is never static. It’s dynamic and fluid. It’s alive.

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