Lyve Cloud + CyArk

Centralized Storage for 3D Data

Lyve Cloud helps CyArk simplify digital preservation of cultural heritage.

Recording and Archival Storage for Humanity’s Heritage

Creating digital 3D models of the world’s most significant historical sites and making them available to historians, researchers, and educators is no small task. Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud helps the organization manage, access, and share its massive data project library more efficiently.

Time Savings
A More Efficient Day-to-Day Workflow

With Lyve Cloud, CyArk employees can now perform tasks that used to take weeks to complete within a single day.

Better Collaboration
Globally Available 3D Project Data

CyArk’s global and fully remote team can securely access project data stored in Lyve Cloud from wherever they are.

Complete Access
Empowering Research and Education

Heritage site managers, historians, researchers, and educators have immediate, secure, and complete access to 3D site models.

Simple Solutions
Less Cost and Complexity

Lyve Cloud’s predictable pricing significantly reduced CyArk’s costs by eliminating data center real estate and IT maintenance expenses.


Digitizing the Past

See how CyArk uses Seagate Lyve Cloud to connect people across the globe to important sites of historical relevance.

Their Story

CyArk is on a mission to digitally preserve the world's cultural heritage.

By creating highly detailed 3D models of significant historical sites, CyArk empowers researchers, historians, educators, conservators, and the public to continue studying and learning about the history of human civilization.

Their Goal

CyArk wanted to manage its ever-growing library of human history more efficiently.

To ensure humanity retains access to the stories and details of historically significant places, CyArk must do more than capture data. Efficient management of its ever-growing stores of project data was a necessity for the organization.

Their Problem

CyArk was struggling to maintain an accessible library of cultural site data.

Every preservation project CyArk takes on generates multiple terabytes of unstructured data. The organization used to rely on its on-premises server for data storage, but a growing global team and the adoption of a fully remote work model underscored an urgent need for centralized cloud storage.

Their Solution

Lyve Cloud enables CyArk to have full control of and efficient access to its data.

CyArk chose Seagate Lyve Cloud because it provides the organization with full control of its data while enabling remote collaboration and better productivity. CyArk also leveraged Lyve Mobile—Seagate’s data transfer service—to move its enormous cache of data into Lyve Cloud without having to wait for bulk transfers over the network.

Their Success

Lyve Cloud simplifies data management for CyArk employees while increasing access for researchers.

Lyve Cloud has enabled CyArk to provide employees, heritage site managers, historians, researchers, and educators with immediate, secure, and complete access to cultural heritage site data sets. Now, the organization can digitally preserve historical sites efficiently while supporting ongoing research and education.

“With Lyve Cloud, we have full control to manage all our data—and it’s much simpler to share our files with external research and educational partners for the common good.”

John Ristevski,
CEO of CyArk
Products Used

Lyve Cloud

S3 storage as a service for your multi-cloud environment, available at the metro edge.
Products Used

Lyve Mobile

Modular system of edge storage and mass data transfer devices for frictionless data movement and ingestion.

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