Lyve Cloud + Equinix

Frictionless Storage as a Service at the Metro Edge

Capture, store, and activate mass data closer to applications, workloads, and users.

The Lyve Cloud & Equinix Solution Advantage

Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud helps enterprises overcome challenges related to capturing, storing, and activating data at scale by providing simple, trusted, and efficient cloud-neutral data storage. By strategically locating Lyve Cloud in Equinix® data centers, at the metro edge, data can now be stored, accessed, analyzed, and delivered in real time to the compute, applications, and workloads that need access to that data.

Mass Capacity, Pay As You Grow

Capture massive volumes of unstructured data at petabyte scale while reducing capital expenditure with a predictable as-a-service consumption model.

Predictable Cost

Transfer data in and out with zero egress fees and no add-on fees for API traffic or quotas.

Data Mobility, Frictionless Movement

Move your data to where it creates the most value and support for rapid activation across edge and cloud storage environments.

Optimized for the Metro Edge

Get low-latency access to data stored in close proximity to the clouds and compute resources of Equinix Metal—all accessible via private connectivity.

Stop Throwing Data Away

Enable new edge use cases, business growth, and opportunities for revenue.
Solution Brief

Activate Data at Scale

Overcome challenges related to data access, growth, and activation at the metro edge.

Partner Video

Lyve Cloud at Equinix

Seagate’s collaboration with Equinix brings storage as a service closer to data sources and users at the metro edge.

White Paper

Future-Proof Your Storage

Understand the importance of modernizing infrastructure for data growth across hybrid, edge and cloud ecosystems.

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