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ISO 20243 / O-TTPS 1.1.1

The Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (designated ISO 20243) is an open standard containing a set of organizational guidelines, requirements, and recommendations for integrators, providers, and component suppliers to enhance the security of the global supply chain and the integrity of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This standard, if properly adhered to, will help reduce the risk of maliciously tainted and counterfeited products throughout the COTS ICT product life cycle, which encompasses the following phases: design, sourcing, build, fulfillment, distribution, sustainment, and disposal.

Scope of Certification Original Certification Date Link to Certificate
Seagate Enterprise and Internal Hard Disc Drive (HDD) product lines 2019 Certificate
Seagate and Lacie attached storage drive product lines 2020 Certificate
Seagate Enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) product lines 2020 Certificate
Seagate Lyve Services 2021 Certificate