ESG at Seagate

We Are Accountability Driven

Find out how our governance practices drive Seagate’s longevity and integrity as a company.

Governance Highlights from Sustainable Datasphere: FY2023 ESG Performance Report

Here are just a few of the ways we lead with integrity as a team.

Conflicts of Interest
96% completion rate for our Conflict of Interest certification
Data Governance
Continued our Instant Secure Erase program to further drive a circular economy
Code of Conduct
97.5% completion rate for our Code of Conduct training and certification
Leading with Integrity

Data Governance

Data governance is paramount to Seagate’s success. We are committed to protecting all data entrusted to Seagate, including the personal and confidential information of our employees, partners, and customers.
Leading with Integrity

Data Privacy and Protection

Data privacy and protection are top priorities for Seagate. Our records retention schedule forms the basis for efficient preservation.
Leading with Integrity

Product Security

As data contributes more and more to the world’s global economy, both its value and risk grow. Safeguarding our products and the data they store is achieved through a holistic approach to secure best practices at every phase of the product lifecycle.