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Operational Resilience

Seagate prepares and plans for eventualities to minimize disruption to its business and operations. An enterprise business continuity management system has been established to understand and manage our risks to ensure resilience based upon ISO22301 Societal security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements.

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Seagate BCMS Policy
To demonstrate the commitment to business resilience, Seagate will implement, maintain and continually improve its business continuity management system according to ISO22301, legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements.   The company will take actions to ensure its capability to protect and recover critical activities so that the requirements of interested parties can be met through the delivery of products and services.

Seagate will achieve this through the following:

  • Conducting risk assessments (RA) & business impact analysis (BIA) to identify critical business functions and the potential threats posed that could impact them.
  • Developing business arrangements and plans based on the results if the BIAs/RAs to minimize the impact if a disruption is realized.
  • Completing exercises and tests of the business continuity plans and developing action to address identified deficiencies.