Dec 10, 2018

Seagate And Tape Ark Unlock The Potential To Digitally Restore, Mine, And Monetize Tape-Archived Legacy Data For Businesses In Ways Never Before Possible

Partnership combines Seagate’s advanced data management expertise and Tape Ark’s unique data restoration technology, allowing zettabytes of tape-bound data to be moved to the cloud for access and analysis using AI-driven technologies

CUPERTINO, CA - Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX) today announced a partnership with Tape Ark, enabling businesses around the world to migrate tape-archived data to the cloud using secure and proven processes. Thus, valuable latent data can be restored, preserved and once again made instantly accessible. Seagate’s Lyve Data Services, powered by Tape Ark, will be moving these legacy data archives online, bringing massive datasets back to life, thereby extracting tremendous value and enabling businesses to mine their data for significant insights.

According to Tape Ark’s research, there are estimated to be over 1 billion tapes stored in physical offsite locations. Much of this data is at risk, not easily accessible, and may suffer from decay, deterioration and even permanent loss. Activating and analyzing the data stored on tape archives, some of which is decades-old, can be of high value to both public and private organizations.

“With Seagate’s expertise, zettabytes of data can be migrated to cloud platforms. On a global scale, using new edge hardware solutions, we will securely transport the data enabling businesses to recover, access, index, and analyze their tape-stored archived data,” said Paul Steele, senior director of Seagate’s Lyve Data Services. “By moving this data to the cloud, previously inaccessible data can be put to work using technologies such as AI, industry 4.0 and other analytical tools.”

This partnership enables organizations from all industries to regain access to their data, potentially turning a stagnant cost center into a valuable business asset. Once data is liberated and ingested into the public cloud it becomes available to the application of data analytics thus empowering companies to exploit the inherent potential and worth of previously inaccessible data.

“Our vision is to give client data back to the client and make it instantly and economically accessible to them where and when they want it,” said Guy Holmes, Tape Ark founder and chief executive officer. “Ingesting these data sets into the cloud puts them back in control of their data assets and potentially turns an inaccessible, decaying cost center into a valuable revenue stream.”

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Tape Ark is liberating the world’s second largest collection of data - that which is held on backup tape, and making it available to the application of data analytics. By providing high volume migration of ageing corporate data from archive tape media to the cloud, Tape Ark can assist in turning a decaying cost centre into a valuable business asset and revenue stream. Follow Tape Ark on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and subscribe to our blog.