Step 1 – Initiating Configuration Steps

  • A Seagate Sign in screen appears; enter the company email address you use to access Seagate Partner Portal and click "Next".
  • One of two scenarios will come next.

Step 2 – Sign in

Scenario 1: Email not yet registered in Microsoft's Azure database

Your prompt may ask you to "Enter code“. If so…

  • Confirm that the email listed is the one you use for the Seagate Partner Program. 
  • Go to your email and obtain the 8-digit Account verification code that was just emailed to you. 
  • Enter the code on this screen and click "Sign in".

Step 2 – Sign in

Scenario 2: Email used is already registered in Microsoft Azure database

  • If your window reads "Enter password,“ then enter your Microsoft-related password. 
    • Note: This is NOT asking you to enter the Seagate Partner Portal password that you've been using for the Partner Program to date. Rather, this is the Microsoft-related password associated with the email address you're using.
    • Note: Besides it reading "Enter password" on this screen, you'll notice that the Microsoft logo is displayed instead of the Seagate logo. This is how you'll know that it's prompting you for your Microsoft-related password.