Enterprise Hard Drives

Exos X Series Hard Drives

The most scalable drives in the datasphere, Exos X series hard drives integrate the latest technology in support of a secure and reliable cloud data center.

Scalable. Responsive. Innovative

Designed to handle the most rigorous workloads, the Seagate Exos X series enterprise class drives are perfect, high-reliability solutions for servers, storage systems, and business-centric NAS systems. Whatever your applications, there’s an Exos drive for it.

Exos X18

Designed for maximum storage capacity and the highest rack-space efficiency, delivering up to 18TB capacity.

Exos X16

Delivering up to 16TB capacity among the highest storage densities in the datasphere, with exceptional performance and efficiency.

Exos 2X14

The first 14TB hyperscale hard drive featuring multi-actuator technology for up to 2X faster IOPS, reduced latency, and lowered TCO.