Nytro 4350 NVMe SSD

Consistent high performance for the modern data center.

Nytro 4350 NVMe SSD

We are sorry, that product is no longer in stock.

We are sorry, that product is no longer in stock.


Lightspeed. Solid. Impressive.

The Seagate Nytro® 4350 NVMe SSD brings consistent application performance and TCO savings to data centers with its small form factor, low latency and power consumption, and high QoS.


Best-in-Class Performance

PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD provides 10x the bandwidth of SATA SSDs.


Wide Range of Capacities

Up to 1.92TB supporting PCIe Gen4 NVMe interface and M.2 2280 form factor.

Built for 24×7 Operations

  • Achieve enhanced durability and reliability with 1 DWPD at 2M hours MTBF.
  • Boost read/write performance of QoS and data center applications.
  • Designed for lower power consumption.

Advanced Data Security

  • Includes power loss data protection.
  • Supports TCG Pyrite offering password security to protect user data.

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