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Game Drive for PlayStation Consoles

Make space for the games you love with officially licensed add-on storage.


    Officially Licensed for PlayStation Consoles

    Embrace the expansive storage of Game Drive. Built with matching firmware to seamlessly work with all models of PS5 and PS4, just plug in and launch into action in under two minutes.

    PS5 Ready

    Store your PS5 games on Game Drive and transfer them to the PS5’s internal SSD when you’re ready to play. It’s compatible with all models of PS5.1

    Works with PS4

    Store and play all your PS4 games directly from the external hard drive—even when you play PS4 games on your PS5. And, it’s compatible with all models of PS4.2

    Build the Ultimate Game Vault

    Accumulate all your favorite games, applications, and media on PS5 and PS4—no more sacrificing, deleting, or redownloading games.

    2TB Game Drive: holds 30+ PS5 games or 50+ PS4 games3

    4TB Game Drive: holds 60+ PS5 games or 100+ PS4 games3

    Connect with Quickness

    Full-speed gaming is yours with high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) connectivity, no tools or power adapter needed.

    Totally Portable

    Lightweight design makes it easy to take your entire library on the go.

    Sleek Design

    A clean, versatile design complements both the PS5 and PS4 console perfectly.

    Need Support?

    We'll help you get the most out of your drive.

    1. PlayStation 5 consoles require system software version 21.01-03 or later.

    2. PlayStation 4 consoles require system software version 4.50 or later.

    3. Based on an average storage requirement of 60GB for PS5 games published on or before January 2022 and an average storage requirement of 39GB for PS4 games published on or before June 2018.

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