LaCie Website Migration FAQ

Find answers to LaCie’s new website migration and updates.

Since 2012, LaCie has been a premium brand within Seagate Technology, known for our high-quality storage solutions. This move to Seagate’s website is a strategic step to enhance your experience with us, providing in-depth product resources, personalized shopping, and improved customer support—all without compromising the LaCie brand’s commitment to excellence.

The migration process is already underway and will conclude by the end of August. You’ll soon discover a unified shopping experience at the Seagate Store, where all LaCie products will be available. The LaCie website will be retired, but rest assured, all the products and support information you depend on will be accessible on Seagate’s website. In select regions, you’ll also discover a unified shopping experience where you can purchase both LaCie and Seagate products directly from the Seagate Store.

You can login to your LaCie account on using the same LaCie credentials. You will still be able to access your account information, product registrations, and product support just as before. There is no action required on your part to transfer your account information. Your data is not being shared with additional parties and will remain secure throughout this transition.   

Absolutely! Support for LaCie products will still be available through LaCie Support. Keep an eye out for the upcoming unified support page on

The Seagate Store is only available in the US for now, with plans to expand to other regions in the future.

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