Lyve Cloud for Startups

Let's Level Up Your Startup, Together

If your startup needs to store more data for longer—without worrying about security, mobility, egress fees, or API charges—Lyve Cloud for Startups is your answer. We’ll complement your existing backup infrastructure with zero-risk or help you build from the ground up.

Apply to Lyve Cloud for Startups

Apply to Lyve Cloud for Startups

What's Included with Lyve Cloud for Startups?

Frictionless cloud storage, yes. But we go way beyond just that.

Free Cloud Storage

Armed with up to 1PB of Lyve Cloud storage for two years, your data will be backed by industry leaders with more than 40 years of expertise.

Expert Support

As a program member, you’ll gain access to a team of data experts who can answer any questions that arise regarding your Lyve Cloud storage.

Powerful Brand Exposure

Get new eyes on your products and innovations through PR and promotion of case studies that share your unique story with the world.

Built-In Community

From networking and mentoring to collaborative co-working spaces, you’ll be part of a strong community of innovators and problem solvers.