Case Study

Storage in Supply for Deft

Unit capacity and availability help gain “hybrid advisor’s” trust.

Ensuring Storage Solution Availability for the “Hybrid Advisor.”

Deft, a global hybrid IT infrastructure solutions provider, required scalable storage for its performant high-density environments. They sought a partner who could handle the volume and tight delivery deadlines in order to exceed their own client expectations.

Outpacing and Outspacing the Competition

Seagate® Exos® E 5U84 expansion JBOD systems have space for 84 drives, while comparable competitor offerings can only handle 60.

Four Separate Zones
Exos E 5U84 Extends User Configurability

Users can manage standardized zoning, cables, universal ports, and self-configuration controls.

Rack Space Efficiency
Higher Density Can Help Reduce Racks

More drives in less ‘U’ space can help improve rack space allocation—a definite benefit to IT infrastructure providers.

Need Petabytes Now?
Solutions at Scale When Needed

Seagate works with customers through supply deadline concerns towards the best applied solution.

Their Story

Right Time. Right Tools. Right Space.

Deft is a global custom hybrid IT infrastructure solutions provider. From colocation data center and network services to hybrid cloud, the edge, and business continuity/disaster recovery, Deft faces significant storage requirements to deliver its managed services for themselves and their clients. They sought a partner who could handle the volume and tight delivery dates to exceed client expectations. Scalable solutions, designed for performant, high-density environments, were critical.

Their Goal

Adding Guidance to Gear.

Deft aims to be a “hybrid advisor,”—not solely a vendor of products for its customers. The company differentiates with the ability to provide the right, custom solutions for their data center, cloud, and hybrid clients.

Their Problem

Making Infrastructure Work Smarter.

Deft maintains 14 core colocation data center facilities and 89 edge locations around the world, providing clients with a comprehensive set of managed services including cloud-based storage and business continuity/disaster recovery. They strive to achieve the best efficiency they can, focusing on multiple factors such as rack unit spacing and ease of maintenance. Recently, Deft turned its focus to data storage capacity and efficiency, so they sought a storage solution provider who could meet the challenges of their multi-faceted business requirements.

Their Solution

Meeting Storage Needs Swiftly and Precisely.

Deft sought a storage solution provider who could meet their multi-faceted business requirements—a partner who could handle the volume and tight delivery dates to exceed client expectations, despite recent fluctuations in global supply chains. According to Deft’s Senior Vice President of Technology Byron Dill, Deft required a vendor that could fully understand a customer’s requirements and work with them towards the best applied solution while quickly providing the scale needed within an expected time.

Deft ultimately decided on multiple units of Seagate’s Exos® E 5U84 expansion JBOD systems. According to Dill, Seagate’s ability to deliver product given the challenging market, Exos technology, availability, pricing, and higher density made them stand out from the competition.

Deft’s mission is to be their clients’ “hybrid advisor,” and not just a technology vendor. They wanted scalable solutions designed for performant, high-density environments—and Seagate Exos delivered. According to Dill, “It saves us floor space. It saves us management. Most importantly, it saves our clients’ money.”

Their Success

More Drives in Less Space = Increased Efficiency.

According to Dill, density is critical to Deft regardless of the client solution they build. Since Seagate can deploy 84 drives in the same space that competitor solutions can only support 60, Deft can more efficiently and effectively benefit their clients, creating a win-win for everyone.

““Seagate and Deft found a way to deliver, making what was seemingly impossible possible: meeting demand when many other organizations weren’t.””

Byron Dill ,
Senior Vice President of Technology, Deft
Products Used

Exos E 5U84 Expansion JBOD

Seagate Exos E 5U84 is the datasphere’s high-capacity, high-performance platform that can handle extreme data growth

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