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Hzalyzer Sound Data Boosted by Exos

Hzalyzer Sound, an innovative sound production company, capitalizes on Exos 2X18 power to enhance its data management processes. This strategy boosted collaboration and fortified data security, setting new operational performance benchmarks.

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    Hzalyzer Sound provides innovative sound production in the growing Taiwanese movie industry. The company needed to address escalating data storage and file transfer challenges to maintain growth and improve operational structure. Seagate® Exos® 2X18 optimized its efficiency and productivity. Plus, merging all assets onto a single hard drive streamlined workflows and fostered enhanced collaboration within the team, helping them meet and exceed client expectations.

    • Superior File Management and Security. bolstered data security, offering peace of mind to the team.
    • Increased Transfer Speeds. A 50% reduction in transfer times, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.
    • Streamlined Workflows and Improved Team Collaboration. Integrating work files, sound libraries, and audiovisual assets facilitated smooth workflows and fostered better team collaboration.
    • Enhanced Efficiency. Hzalyzer improved its workflow as well as achieved higher efficiency and data security. 

    Their Story

    A Dynamic Creator in the Movie Industry

    Hzalyzer Sound, Ltd. is an innovative sound production company that pushes the boundaries of sound creativity. Although the company resembles a traditional post-production sound company, Hzalyzer distinguishes itself through a focused dedication to exploring limitless possibilities in non-music sound production.

    The company’s client base is driven by three fundamental factors: speed, budget, and quality. Hzalyzer understands that every client needs a return on investment that combines rapid project completion, competitive pricing, and superior efficiency and quality. It’s these core considerations that guide the company in its commitment to not only meeting but exceeding the needs and expectations of its clients.


    Their Goal

    Enhancing Their Reach with Optimized Workflows

    Chin Lun Kao, the founder of Hzalyzer Sound, recently stated that the company’s current objective is to broaden its scope, specifically emphasizing immersive theater sound production.

    In addition to diversifying and growing operations, leadership wanted to bring structure and organization to the workflow. They wanted to increase the company’s proficiency in immersive sound technology, enhancing their overall capabilities. The team intends to develop a framework to improve efficiency and streamline processes. As Kao explains, a commitment to efficiency will be indispensable as the company ventures into new areas of sound production, and it could serve as a powerful tool for attracting new clients.

    Kao further expounded on the future vision, stating that by refining the company workflows, “we can provide comprehensive and high-quality sound production services while positioning ourselves as a well-structured organization in the industry.”


    Their Problem

    Insufficient Storage Space for Growing Project Needs

    Hzalyzer Sound encountered multiple issues common in post-production work, including extensive revisions and escalating complexity of layered materials needed for each project. The rising demand inevitably led to an expanding number of files, exceeding the company’s storage usage expectations. It became apparent that the company needed high-speed, large-capacity hard drives to keep pace with the growing storage demands.

    It’s common in current post-production workflows to have multiple simultaneous projects, with a single project spanning from several months to a year. Hzalyzer dealt with these high demands by temporarily investing in additional hard drives to ensure primary storage devices remained in optimal condition. However, these temporary purchases became quite cumbersome and, as Kao explained, “the process of migrating data and organizing files can be tedious and time-consuming.”

    Initially, the company addressed these issues by acquiring many hard drives to set up Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Direct Attached Storage (DAS) systems, intended to span across different periods. However, Hzalyzer often encountered issues, such as the specific model becoming unavailable or a particular brand being out of stock. The company hard drives became obsolete and mixing hard drives for combined usage turned out to be an impractical solution.

    As the company grew, work efficiency suffered due to poor file transfer speed. Managing multiple projects and dealing with long-duration ones often required leadership to make difficult choices. Kao explained that “moving files to other hard drives and the fear of accidentally deleting important files were common concerns.” There was also the risk of encountering operational issues during data transfers because the hard drives slowed when heavily used. All these factors hindered work and created workflow challenges.


    Their Solution

    A Comprehensive Storage Solution to Enhance Creativity

    To sustain their growth and overcome prevailing challenges, the leadership at Hzalyzer Sound recognized the need for a more robust storage solution to meet growing demands. Initially, the company considered using a NAS system from another provider. However, the requirement of a 10G environment — which may create an additional expense for the company — led Hzalyzer to reevaluate the need for network file transfers.

    During this time, Kao discovered Hzalyzer’s potential data storage solution at a Seagate Taiwan-hosted Media & Entertainment event. He noted, “During the event, the speaker introduced their products and solutions that perfectly aligned with my usage requirements. I found the Seagate plan best fit our needs.”

    Hzalyzer went on to implement Seagate’s innovative Exos 2X18 with a hyperscale hard drive fortified with MACH2 multi-actuator technology. This allows the company to harness superior performance compared to traditional hard drives, making it an excellent fit for Hzalyer’s high-demand applications. As a result, Kao could put capacity concerns to rest. The team streamlined their workflows by consolidating work files, sound libraries, and audiovisual assets onto a single hard drive, which also helped to foster improved collaboration. High-speed file transfers further facilitated efficient material management. Plus, the RAID6 configuration offered a safer disk array working environment, bolstering data protection for the company.


    Their Success

    Improved Efficiency and Streamlined Workflows 

    The most significant Seagate advantage Kao and Hzalyzer experienced is peace of mind regarding file management and security. By adopting a more efficient storage system, concerns about slow transfer speeds and compromised efficiency were no longer an issue. The hard drive performance surpassed the leadership team’s expectations and facilitated a markedly smoother workflow. Hzalyzer team members could now collaborate effectively on the same hard drive without hindering each other’s work progress.

    In partnership with Seagate, Hzalyzer Sound successfully refined its workflow, realizing superior efficiency and data security. Kao highly recommends that other creative businesses facing storage challenges consider Exos 2X18: “If you need ample storage, fast file access, and improved efficiency in your studio, the MACH2 hard drive is an excellent choice. Don’t hesitate to invest in it for an optimized working experience in your studio or personal workspace.”


    • Cut file transfer time by 50%
    • Strengthen team collaboration
    • Enhance operational efficiency


    (With Seagate Exos), I no longer need to worry about capacity issues. I can integrate my work files, sound libraries, and audio-visual assets into a single hard drive. With high-speed file transfers, I can manage my materials more efficiently.

    Chin Lun Kao

    Founder of Hzalyzer Sound, Ltd.

    Exos 2X18 Hard Drive
    Highest Performance for Highest Rack Space Efficiency

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