Case Study

Lattice Chooses Lyve Cloud

High-tech manufacturer updates data storage strategy.

Their Story

Stronger with Storage Strategy

Lattice Semiconductor is a tier 1 designer and manufacturer of low- power field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The company’s offerings support clients in the communications, computing, industrial, automotive, consumer, and licensing service markets. Recently, Lattice Semiconductor saw a need to modernize its data storage strategy, as a result of mounting challenges related to onsite equipment, offsite archiving, and cloud vendor TCO

Their Goal

Facing Challenges to Maximize Improvements

Lattice Semiconductor aimed to make significant improvements in scalability, accessibility, security, and cost by meeting its data storage challenges head on.

Their Problem

Searching for State-of-the-Art Data Storage

It makes sense that a company with a long history in a modern, high-tech field would want aspects of its business to be equally state of the art. When Lattice Semiconductor looked at its data storage strategy, they saw room for improvement. The company turned to Seagate, which at the time was about to launch its new storage-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Lyve™ Cloud.

Their Solution

Adopting Lyve™ Cloud to Meet Storage Strategy Goals

Lattice Semiconductor, headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, is the world’s largest volume supplier of FPGAs. The company designs and manufactures devices that help enable secure control, flexible connectivity, and lower power compute acceleration, which are used throughout communications, computing, automotive, industrial, and consumer markets.

Maintaining its quality offering meant improving its data storage. Replacing an aging backup infrastructure, digital conversion of 2,500+ old tape backups, and migration from a soon-to-be former, non-storage-centric cloud repository were at the top of the list.

For starters, Seagate worked with Lattice Semiconductor to migrate workloads to Lyve Cloud using the company’s preferred data management software from Rubrik in pass-through mode. This allowed Lattice Semiconductor to begin decommissioning its older infrastructure and move over 70% of its legacy backup data to Lyve Cloud, a more robust and scalable storage solution.

At the start of its updated data-storage initiative, Lattice Semiconductor had 2,500+ data tapes stored at a well-known physical data and records management company’s facilities. As a result, the company did not have easy access to its own data, preventing the team from maximizing its value. This was compounded by the additional cost of offsite archiving. Seagate’s Lyve Managed Migration Services—a valuable complement to the Lyve Cloud solution—was used to process the substantial number of tapes, from digitizing their contained data to uploading it to Lyve Cloud. At project start, 1 PB of data was converted, uploaded, and available within a browsable format by April 2022.

The final data storage challenge was to improve Lattice Semiconductor’s TCO in its selected cloud service provider. The proposed plan: migrate 400TB of backup data from the existing cloud service provider to Seagate’s storage-centric Lyve Cloud. While this phase of the storage initiative is ongoing, the goal is to realize approximately 35% TCO savings over five years, and migrate over 50% of stored data from the prior provider to Lyve Cloud by the end of 2022.

Their Success

No Rearchitecting and Holds Multiple Data Types

“The biggest imperative for us,” said Sudhakar Chilukuri, Lattice Semiconductor’s CIO, “is a cloud solution that enables us to store data without having to redo the economics, [or] rearchitect and revisit things every few cycles. When we saw Lyve Cloud in action, we recognized how it is built for large volumes of data and enables any application around it. It became easier for us to think of many data types that can benefit from moving to Lyve Cloud.”

“As CIO, three things I most seek from any solution are predictability, security, and no lock-ins. Lyve Cloud’s features fit these needs very well.”

Sudhakar Chilukuri,
CIO, Lattice Semiconductor
Products Used

Lyve™ Cloud

Frictionless storage as a service, available at the metro edge.

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