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Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe

Model9’s Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe modernizes mission-critical data operations and offers a seamless software-based solution to discover, move, transform, and manage data in the private or public cloud.



Model9 revolutionizes enterprise core business data management, delivering innovation to large companies looking for a fast, smooth, and low-risk path to cloud as their primary and secondary data management environment. We address the challenge of cloud transformation for large enterprises, all of which have mainframes as their core business platform.  

It’s estimated 71% of Fortune 500 companies host their critical core IT on the mainframe. This includes their most up-to-date data, such as real-time ATM transactions, as well as their historical business data—all of which is critical for developing AI/ML/BI. Our solution enables them to liberate this mainframe data by storing it in the cloud, making it available for cloud applications and analytics services and accelerating their cloud transformation in a low-risk, low-cost, and fast way.  

Our patented software technology unlocks mainframe formatted data for use in any private or public cloud—replacing virtual tape hardware and software and enabling secure integration with cloud-based applications.