Pushing the Limits of Drive Performance and Drive Capacity

From SSHD technology, to SAS innovations and Solid State solutions for storage tiering, Seagate has an eye for evolving trends. Such ingenuity results in a portfolio of storage products with an exceptional balance of high capacities and superior performance.

> Solid State Hybrid Technology Solutions
> Reduce Data Center TCO Through Performance Efficiency
> SSD and Enterprise Tiered Storage Evolution

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Solid State Hybrid Drive Technology

Seagate is leading the industry’s adoption of solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs), a new performance option. By integrating a small, affordable amount of NAND flash memory onto the architecture of a traditional hard drive, SSHDs offer SSD-like performance for accelerated booting, launching and loading of data.

See SSHD performance for yourself >

Learn about SSHD performance solutions >

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Driving down TCO

From maximizing employee productivity to minimizing your data center space, Seagate storage solutions help lower your organization’s TCO with:

  • High-performance options like SSD and SSHD
  • Power-saving PowerChoice™ technology
  • Storage capacities up to 152TB/ft2
  • Powerful benefits of the SAS interface

Enterprise-Optimized 6Gb/s SAS Rivals Fibre Channel Performance and Scalability at Lower Cost >

Think Vertically to Reduce Data Center TCO >

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Tiered Enterprise Storage

Seagate enterprise drives provide perfect-fit solutions for any level of protection, performance requirement and use case across every server and storage tier.  You can achieve areal density of a 1TB-per-platter, fast data access and rotational vibration tolerance to ensure optimal performance from your drives.

Storage Strategies for Server Virtualization >

Tiered Storage: Enabling and Advancing Cloud Capabilities >

SSD and the Evolution of Enterprise Storage Tiering >



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