Mozaic Technology Innovation

12nm Integrated Controller

The Backbone of Hard Drive Progression

Built for data mobility and data integrity, our 12nm integrated controller meets the increasing data demands from digital media, enterprise software, and cloud systems.


Multifaceted to the nth degree.

  • Enables advanced signal processing.
  • Engineered for noise optimization.
  • Streamlined for calculations, speed, memory, power efficiency, and minimizing waste.
  • Balances increased areal density with mass-production costs.

It orchestrates a symphony of spindle speeds, head movements, and read/write operations with surgical precision.


Its servo core is a data-tracking mastermind.

Pinpointing data tracks with laser-like accuracy, the servo core allows for real-time handling of disturbance detection, adaptive control features, feed-forward compensation, and high sample-rate computation.


Performs up to 3× better in specific tasks compared to previous processors.

Which translates to rapid real-time adjustments for maintaining actuator alignment on narrow data tracks.

With hard drives exceeding a million tracks per inch, Seagate's servo-processor operates at picosecond intervals, processing 4 billion bits per second to maintain actuator accuracy. This is vital for executing complex algorithms to counteract potential disturbances and maintain the drive's tracking accuracy.


We shrunk our 28nm chip down to 12nm.

Reducing chip size allows us to lower die costs and power consumption, accommodating more transistors within the same area, reducing voltage needs, and enhancing power efficiency.

The integrated controller’s custom read channel analog front-end samples over 4GHz, achieving new sample rates every quarter of a nanosecond.


It’s a powerhouse of productivity.

Seagate's 12nm integrated controller unleashes a torrent of real-time processing power in a smaller footprint optimized for energy savings. Pinpoint data positioning, powered by advanced servo algorithms, ensures microscopic precision and optimized access times.

This translates to unwavering performance for mission-critical workloads, from high-frequency analytics to demanding transactions, all with increase security for edge computational operations.

The 12nm integrated controller symbolizes our commitment to in-house design and direct-to-fabrication approaches for silicon solutions.