Reliable Drives Engineered for Your Needs

From data center and desktop applications to NAS servers, data security standards and surveillance setups, Seagate offers products that are purpose-built to deliver industry-leading reliability and superior performance.

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Improved Drive Reliability With Seagate® RAID Options

Seagate RAID Rebuild™ technology ensures rapid data recovery across any RAID level. This leading technology helps the host extract data from the failed drive before employing conventional RAID recovery. With RAID Rebuild technology, you can drastically reduce the time needed for data recovery and guard against future failures.

Reducing RAID Downtime > 


SSHD – A Breakthrough for Storage Reliability

Combining HDD media with a small amount of NAND flash memory, Seagate SSHDs leverage the inherent strengths of both storage solutions to provide robust reliability.

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Over Three Decades of Enterprise Storage Expertise

For more than 30 years, Seagate has designed, built and supported the industry’s highest-quality enterprise drives. With the Seagate line of enterprise options, you benefit from features like advanced media management and rotational vibration (RV) tolerance, empowering you to guard against data loss and degradation. 

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