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Seagate® IronWolf® drives provide 28% more capacity and up to 25% more speed than other NAS drives. IronWolf SSD is the first solid-state drive built for NAS. Combine hard drives and SSDs to experience 2.7× faster cache.

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28% more capacity and up to 25% more speed

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Built for your customers connected home and small office home office.

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IronWolf Pro

Designed for small and mid-sized business (SMB) and creative pro.

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IronWolf SSD

Built to achieve pure performance for SMB and creative pro.

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Compatible with leading NAS manufacturers

IronWolf drives are developed in partnership with leading NAS manufacturers, such as Synology, QNAP, and Asustor. These drives can withstand the long-term strain of heavy 24×7 NAS workload environments while providing a best-in-class user experience.

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Provide customers 24x7 support and robust warranties

24x7 NAS hotline available to your customers, plus 5-year limited warranty with 2 years of data recovery (IronWolf® Pro, IronWolf 110 SSD) and 3-year limited warranty with optional data recovery (IronWolf).



Analyze with SeaTools and IronWolf Health Management

Seagate® IronWolf® Health Management proactively analyzes drive health and displays prevention, intervention, and recovery options. SeaToolsTM software provides health management and performance tracking plus OEM security, control, and maintenance.

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Protect customers from unexpected damage or loss

Seagate® Rescue Data Recovery Services in IronWolf® drives provide protection against data corruption, user error, viruses, and natural disasters. We lead the industry with a 90% recovery success rate.


Low power and noise plus consistent performance with RV sensors compared to other drives

NAS customers need reliable, scalable storage solutions. Seagate® IronWolf® hard drives 4TB and higher, and all IronWolf Pro drives, are enhanced with AgileArrayTM and RV sensors to enable dual-plane balancing and reliable RAID performance in multi-bay NAS. IronWolf is the first in its class of drives to include RV sensors. Advanced power management reduces energy costs and improves cooling.


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