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Scalable and secure backup storage that’s available when you need it.

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The Seagate and Veritas Solution Advantage

Lyve™ Cloud storage as a service from Seagate® is an ideal backup storage target for your Veritas backup and recovery solution. Create the right-sized storage solution for your backup and recovery with flexible storage services that scale to meet your ever-growing data storage needs.

Resilient Storage Meets Data Management

Get highly resilient storage with industry-leading backup.

Scalable Storage Expansion

Keep pace with the growth of your data using Lyve Cloud from Seagate.

Flexible Backup and Recovery

Build your right-sized backup storage with our storage-only cloud.

Seagate + Veritas

Easy, Secure, and Fast Backups

Reliable and secure storage delivered as a service enables rapid cloud backup and recovery.

Solution Brief

Seagate Lyve Cloud with Veritas

Pairing highly resilient storage with industry-leading backup.

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Future-Proof Your Storage

Understand the value and efficiency of a modern infrastructure for data growth across hybrid, edge, and cloud ecosystems.

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