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Business Storage NAS Firmware Update page

 Firmware 2015.00322

Firmware version: 2015.00322
Release Date: April 2015

Release Notes: 

Security Update - fixes PHP and Codelgniter exploits.


Firmware 2014.00319

Firmware version: 2014.00319
Release Date: June 2014

Release Notes:  

Bug Fixes:

    • Share permissions dropping
    • DLNA enhancements
    • Issue after power cycling


Firmware 2013–60311

Firmware version: 2013.60311
Release Date: August 2013

Release Notes:

Performance Improvements:

 1. SAMBA performance improvement of up to 10%

Bug Fixes:  

    • Ability to delete user accounts.
    • Dependability copy large files on AFP shares.
    • Recycle Bin able to handle files over 128 characters.
    • Setup Wizard compatible with IE7 and IE8.
    • Specific NAS identifier for email alerts (helpful for admins who maintain multiple NAS products).


Firmware 2013–60256

Firmware version: 2013.60256
Release Date: May 2013

Release Notes:

Performance Improvements:

1. Performance improvement of Project jobs using USB drives.
2. Performance improvement of Project jobs using USM drives.
3. Performance improvement of NAS to NAS backups.

Bug Fixes:

1. Acronis license fix ­ upgrading to this firmware should populate all the licenses properly.
2. Multiple ATM backups can run concurrently.
3. Changes made to the admin password during Setup Wizard will be saved.
4. Quick Links improvements on Dashboard page.


Firmware 2013–60193

Firmware version: 2013.60193

Release Date: February 2013

Release Notes:
Firmware 2013.60193 is the first firmware release for the Seagate Business NAS and contains the following enhancements:

  • Performance improvement.
  • Numerous Bug fixes.
  • Translation corrections.