Create a backup
Protect your data with backups

Download Seagate Dashboard to start and customize automatic backups Download now
Back up the content on your home computers with Seagate Dashboard:
- Protect instantly: With one mouse-click, protect all your content now and all changed content in the future.
- Customize backups: Create customized backup plans for your content on your schedule.
Use Seagate Central as your backup drive for Time Machine backups
On your Time Machine, simply select Seagate Central as your backup drive.
Access your media anywhere
Access your media from any web browser
  • Share: Share media with everyone or selected users.
  • Download and Upload: Download and upload content remotely.
    You never have to worry about being near your Seagate Central to access or protect your content.
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Access your media on mobile devices
Enjoy media in your home or on the go on your mobile devices
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Download the Seagate Media app  
  • Access: Search your media library, create playlists, and enjoy your media on an Apple, Android or Kindle Fire mobile device.
  • Download: With remote access on your mobile device, copy media to your smartphone or tablet and have it with you on the go.
  • Upload: Protect your videos and pictures from anywhere by uploading them to Seagate Central.
Archive your Facebook content
Protect the content you share on Facebook with automatic archiving to Seagate Central
Log in to your Facebook account from Seagate Central and all new and changed photos and videos are automatically archived to Seagate Central, without having to turn on your Mac or PC.  
Set up devices for home entertainment
Use Seagate Central to store and play your media from any DLNA Certified © device (such as a Smart TV, media player or game console)
DLNA Certified© devices allow you to connect, discover, and communicate with devices over a home network. You can network Seagate Central with your DLNA-certified© devices right out of the box. Learn more

The Seagate Media app offers an enhanced media experience featuring cover art and easy navigation on Samsung Smart Hub devices (2012 or later).