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Business Storage NAS - 4-bay model LED behavior

Describes the nature of the LEDs on the front of the 4-bay Seagate Business NAS device.

The LEDs on the front of your 4-bay Seagate Business NAS indicate server status and network activity, as described in this table:

LEDStateIndicationAction to Take
Solid blueNAS is powered on and ready for useNo action required
System Status
Solid blue buttonNAS is powered on and ready for useNo action required
Blinking blueNAS is powering onWait until the LED stops blinking before accessing the NAS
Solid amberNAS has a system or hard drive errorContact Seagate Support
Network activity
Solid blue buttonNetwork connection is detectedNo action required
Blinking blueNetwork is activeNo action required
OffNo network connection is detectedCheck Ethernet cables, switch/router and Internet connection for disruption