Business Storage Rackmount NAS - 8-bay LED behavior

Provides description and explanation of the LEDs on the rackmount device.

The 8-Bay Rackmount NAS device has several different LED groups.

Lights on the front of the rackmount

Lights on the back of the rackmount

Following are tables explaining the various behaviors of these LEDs:

1 - Status LED2 - Ethernet LED
Solid blueReady
Blinking blueStartup; shutdown; activity
Blinking red and blueRAID synchronization; software update
Blinking redWarning
Solid redError
Solid purpleUpdating hardware
Blinking purpleCommunication has been lost
Solid blueThe respective Ethernet port is connected
to the Internet.
Blinking blueActivity on the respective Ethernet port.
OffThe respective Ethernet port is
not connected to the network.


3 - Disk LEDs                                                                                                            
Status LEDDisk LEDsState
Blinking blueBlinking blue for working disk(s) (until they are fully initialized)Occurs as the device is booting and will cease once the drives are fully initialized.
Solid blueBlinking blue for working disk(s)Drive(s) working (ie, reading and/or writing)
Blinking blue/redBlinking blue/redRAID synchronizing and will cease once the operation is finished.
Blinking blue for working disk(s)NAS OS update in progress.
Blinking redSolid red for non-functional disksRAID is degraded. Data remains intact but the array is no longer protected should another disk fail.
Blinking blue LED for all disksTemperature alert (first-level warning)
Fans are not spinning
A power supply has been cut but power is provided by the second power supply and/or the UPS.
Solid redBlinking blue for working disk(s)Temperature alert (critical level). The product will shut off due to the high temperature.
The power supplies are not providing power and, if applicable, the UPS has run out of reserve power. The product will shut off.
Solid red for non-functional disk(s)RAID has failed and all data has been lost.
Not illuminated on disk slots inside the chassisA disk has not been firmly plugged into the slot's SATA connection or the disk is not receiving power.
Solid purpleSolid blueUpdating hardware
Blinking purpleSolid blueCommunication has been lost.


4 - Identification LED5 - Mute LED
Blinking amberAn Identification button has been pushed (front, rear, or NAS OS).
A corresponding LED in the rear of the NAS will blink to identify
the unit in a rack.
OffThe Identification feature is off.
Solid amberThe Mute button has been pushed to turn off an audible alarm or to stop the unit from sounding an audible alert.
OffThe Mute feature is off.
Alert sounds are permitted.