This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Changing interfaces on the FreeAgent GoFlex for Mac units.

Procedure for switching cable modules on GoFlex for Mac units.

The GoFlex for Mac drive comes with two interface adapters, one adapter for USB and one adapter for FireWire 800.
This allows the drive to be optimized for different computers. If the computer has a FireWire 800 interface and an available port that is the preferred interface as it will allow the highest transfer rates. If the computer only has USB (slower, but more popular) you can use that port. Below are some instructions on how to change between the interfaces.

  1. Start by disconnecting the drive if it is currently plugged in.
    a. Safely remove the drive
    • Mac OS: Drag the drive icon to the trash bin to eject the drive (dismount it).
    • Windows: Click the Safe Remove icon and choose the appropriate drive to disconnect.
    b. Once the drive has been dismounted you can safely unplug it from the computer.
  2. Now disconnect the original adapter from the drive by gripping the adapter on both top and bottom in one hand (do not pull the adapter by the cable) and the drive in the other hand.
  3. Place the original adapter on the desk.
  4. Grip the other adapter on top and bottom and slide it into the drive’s Universal Storage Module (USM). Do not force the adapter, if it won’t go in, be sure it is aligned properly. It will not plug in upside down.
    The drive is now ready for use.