Dropbox Backup Plan FAQ

How do I redeem the offer?

  1. Using a file browser such as File Explorer or Finder, open your drive.
  2. Click the Start_Here icon.
  3. Start Here opens in a browser window. Proceed through the sequence until you reach the Cloud Backup tab and then click Get Dropbox.
    NOTE: If you are having issues with ‘Start_Here’, or the ‘Start_Here’ is no longer on your drive, contact support.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to redeem your Dropbox Backup Plan offer.

See the Seagate Backup Plan promotion page for more information.

Can I redeem multiple Seagate Dropbox Backup plan offers?

  • No. Limit 1 offer redemption per account.

Can I combine the Seagate Dropbox Backup plan offer with a Dropbox Backup plan offer from another company?

  • No. The Seagate Dropbox Backup plan offer cannot be combined with another Dropbox Backup Plan offer

What happens to my data when the offer expires?