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GoFlex Net - LED light codes

Describes the function and significance of the LED lights on the GoFlex Net.

The GoFlex Net has a single Status LED and two groups of Capacity Gauge LEDs.

The light on the front of the network adapter provides information about its current state and notifies you when you have a message from the service. The chart below will help you decipher the meaning of the Status LED Blink Codes.

Status LED Blink Codes

LED State


Green blinking

The GoFlex Net is booting up.

Green solid

The GoFlex Net is on and connected to the service.

Amber solid

The GoFlex Net has booted up properly but failed to connect to the service.

Yellow blinking

The GoFlex Net failed to boot up accurately.

The GoFlex Net network adapter is plug-and-play. However, in certain situations, the setup process may require extra attention. Below is a list of troubleshooting tips should you have any problems during installation.

  • Green Blinking Light
    The GoFlex Net status light will blink green for 10 - 20 seconds when it is booting up.  If the GoFlex Net status light stays blinking green for a few minutes or more, try removing the power cord, wait a few moments and reconnect the power cord.
  • Solid Amber (Yellow) Light
    A solid amber light means there is an issue with the connection to your network and that the GoFlex Net network adapter is not communicating with the Pogoplug service.
    1. Check that one end of your network cable is securely plugged into the Ethernet port on the GoFlex Net network adapter, and the other end is connected to a functioning port on your network router or switch.
    2. If the network cable is securely connected and the light is still amber, the network cable or the Ethernet port may not be functioning properly. To test this, connect the network cable to a different port on your router or switch. If the issue remains, try a different Ethernet cable.
    3. If the light remains amber, unplug the GoFlex Net Network from the power source and plug it back in.
    4. Ensure that DHCP is enabled on your router. DHCP is usually enabled on home networks. If it is not, you will have trouble connecting to the GoFlex Net. If you need assistance enabling DHCP on your router, see your router documentation.
    5. You may have a firewall installed that blocks UDP, or UDP is disabled on your router. The GoFlex Net network adapter will not function properly if you have a firewall set up that blocks the transmission of UDP packets or if UDP is turned off in your router configuration 
  • Blinking Amber (Yellow) Light
    A blinking amber light indicates the FreeAgent GoFlex Net did not boot up properly.
    1. Use the reset button located on the back of the GoFlex Net.
    2. Reboot the GoFlex Net by disconnecting/reconnecting the power cable.
    3. Plug the GoFlex Net directly into a wall outlet, eliminating any overcrowded power strip from the setup.


Capacity Gauge LEDs   

Capacity Gauge

Percentage of used space

One Light

0 - 25%

Two Lights

26 - 50%

Three Lights

51 - 85%

Four Lights

86 - 100%

Note: When ejecting a docked FreeAgent Go Flex drive from one of the two available docks, the capacity gauge light will turn off when the drive is safe to remove.