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GoFlex TV - FAQ

Where can I find troubleshooting tips?

What comes in the GoFlex TV box?

  • GoFlex TV HD media player
  • Remote with (2) AAA batteries
  • Component video cable
  • Composite A/V cable
  • EnergyStar-compliant power supply
  • Quick Start Guide

How does the GoFlex TV play media content?

  • Directly-connected drives: GoFlex drives dock inside the GoFlex TV or USB-connected drives.
  • Network-connected drives: When the GoFlex TV is connected to your LAN via an Ethernet cable or a USB wi-fi adapter, you can stream movies from shared drives, DNLA media servers or network-attached storage devices like the 12TB BlackArmor NAS 440.
  • Internet applications: Netflix (US Only), YouTube, Media Fly and RSS video feeds are some ways to view media content if your GoFlex TV is connected to the Internet.

What Media File Formats are supported?
The list of files is current up to Firmware v1.45.
Video - 

  • AVI (Xvid, MPEG 1/2/4, TS), MPG/MPEG, DVD (VOB, IFO), MP4/MOV (MPEG-4), H.264, VC-1 (WMV9), ISO, RM/RMVB, Motion JPEG, FLV, DivX HD, MKV
  • Subtitles: SAMI (SMI), SRT and SUB
  • Video resolution: NTSC 480i/480p, PAL 576i/576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p

Audio -

  • MP3, Dolby Digital® (AC3), WMA, WMA Pro, WAV/MOV/LPCM, AAC, FLAC, MKA, OGG, DTS
  • Playlist: M3U, PLS

Photo -

  • JPEG files up to 20 megapixels, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF

Unsupported media file formats -

  • Some premium content with DRM (Digital Rights Management) such as movies or music from the iTunes® store, Cinema Now, Movielink®, or Amazon Unbox®.
    (Paramount content that has DRM is supported, however.)

How do you rip a commercial DVD?
Unfortunately, 'ripping' a commercial DVD breaks the copy protection laws, and we do not support any of the widely available applications that can do this. What we support is file and folder formats that are common to DVD structure, so long as they are free of Digital Rights Management copy protection.

How can I play files that are not in a supported format?
Video transcoding programs can convert a media file into a new file that has a different file type or codec.
If a file type or codec is not supported, the file can be transcoded into a file type that is supported. There are free media transcoding softwares available including one called Handbrake that is supported on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.

What are codecs?
Digital movies are created in many different formats, and each format requires its own codec to view the content, so codecs are nothing more than an interpreter. These codecs are flashed into the memory of the GoFlex TV chipset and allow you to play MPEG XVID and DIVX formatted movie files.  

What are the connections for on the back of the GoFlex TV?

AV OUT (3-1 Composite Audio/Video connector) -

  • Composite Audio/Video cables usually consist of 3 RCA plugs on each side of the cables that are composite video (yellow) and stereo audio (red and white). However, the GoFlex TV uses a unique composite cable that has the 3 standard red, white and yellow RCA plugs on one end and a single A/V out plug on the end that connects to the GoFlex TV.
  • Composite Video (yellow) cables support 480i video resolution or Standard Definition Interlace (4:3). Composite Audio (red and white) supports stereo sound.
  • Composite A/V cables work with Standard Definition televisions.
  • The Audio settings should be set to S/PDIF LPCM if connected directly to the television or S/PDIF RAW if connected to a receiver.

YPbPr (3-1 Component Video connector) -

  • Component Video cables consist of 3 RCA plugs on each side on the cable that are Red, Blue, and Green.  All three plugs provide video signal which allows the video signal to be separated, and thus deliver a higher-quality image than Composite A/V.
  • Component Video cable supports up to 1080p video resolution or High Definition Interlace (16:9).  Composite Video cable provides no sound support.
  • Component Video cable would work with High Definition televisions or Standard Definition televisions.  When using a Component Video cable for the video signal, another cable must be used to provide the sound.  An Optical cable or the Composite cable can be used to provide the sound.  The Optical cable would be ideal for connecting to a receiver that provides 5.1 surround sound.  If the Composite Cable is used for sound, only the red and white RCA plugs need be connected to the television.

Optical (Optical Sound cable connector) -

  • Optical Audio cables consist of an optical plug on both ends of the cable.  These cables deliver audio bit-streams via optical fibers within the cable.  An Optical cable is not included with the GoFlex TV.
  • The Optical connection is a fiber-optic connection that is used for transferring digital audio bit-streams from the GoFlex TV to a receiver, television or surround sound preamp/processor.
  • An Optical audio cable combined with the Component Video cable is a conventional configuration.
  • The Audio settings should be set to S/PDIF LPCM if connected directly to the television or S/PDIF RAW if connected to a receiver.


  • HDMI port can deliver high definition video and audio signal (bit-streams).  The same thing can be done with a combination of Component Video and Optical Audio, but HDMI can do all this with a single cable.  HDMI cable supports up to 1080p video resolution or High Definition Interlace (16:9).
  • The GoFlex TV supports HDMI 1.3 and the port is HDMI 1.3a.
  • The optimal use of the HDMI functionality would be to connect the GoFlex TV to an A/V receiver port with the HDMI 1.3a certified cable.  Then connect the A/V receiver to the High Definition television with a second HDMI cable.  The GoFlex TV can be connected directly to the television with an HDMI cable and it will deliver High Definition video but your television may not be able to have 5.1 surround sound.
  • There are 3 HDMI audio settings; HDMI LPCM 2 CH, HDMI LPCM Multi CH and HDMI RAW. 
  • HDMI 2 CH - best for when the GoFlex TV is connected directly to the television and there are only 2 speakers available.
  • HDMI LPCM Multi CH - Decoded by the GoFlex TV for multiple audio channels; select for surround sound when multiple speakers are available.
  • HDMI RAW- Not decoded by the media player.  You must connect the GoFlex TV to a A/V receiver with decoding capabilities.  Best for when the GoFlex TV is connected to a high-end A/V receiver via an HDMI cable.


  • LAN (Local Area Network) port is a 10/100 mbps compatible port used to connect the GoFlex TV to a router via an Ethernet cable.  An Ethernet cable typically has RJ45 connectors on either end and is commonly referred to as a cat5 or a cat6 cable.
  • Connecting the GoFlex TV to a router can give you access to media from shared folders and computers on your network as well as access to Internet content through the GoFlex TV User Interface.


Power -

  • Connect included power supply.
  • DC Output: 5V = 4A

What are all the options for the remote?
For information about the operation of the GoFlex TV remote control, please see Document ID: 215011.