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GoFlex TV - Troubleshooting Media Files

GoFlex TV will play almost any media file; this article discusses which ones and how to configure the device.

The GoFlex TV will play almost any media file you throw at it.
If you have a media file that will not play on the GoFlex TV, find out what the file type is. Is the file type supported? (you can find the list of supported file types printed on the box or in Document ID: 217995 - GoFlex TV FAQs.

If the file is a supported file type:

  • The file could be corrupted, or it could have been created with an unsupported codec.
  • There are some free programs you can use to extract file type and codec information such as MediaInfo or VLC player.
  • To determine if the file is corrupt, try playing the file on the PC. VLC media player is a free media viewing application for your PC that is simple to use and capable of playing broken files, or pieces of files.
  • Some corrupt files can be fixed by transcoding the file.
  • .m2ts files will sometimes not successfully play when using a >2TB drive such as the 3TB GoFlex Desk (STAC3000100). Try saving the file to a smaller external drive or a network drive, or transcoding the file to .mp4. 

If the file is not a supported file type:

  • You can transcode the file into a supported file type or codec
  • There are free programs, such as Handbrake, that can be used to transcode media files to supported file types or codecs.

What is Transcoding?

Transcoding is the direct digital-to-digital conversion of one encoding to another. A media file has to be saved in a certain codec and file type. Media players have a list of supported file types and codecs that they can understand. Transcoding a media file from an unsupported file type or codec to a supported file type or codec can enable that file to play via a particular media player.

If you have a file that will not play, and it is a supported file type/codec and it is not corrupt, please open the file through MediaInfo, click ‘File’ and ‘Export’ to save the file information and send that information in an email to Seagate Support.