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GoFlex TV - Some Content Never Displays

Troubleshooting in case some of the content on the hard drive(s) does not appear on the GoFlex TV, even after indexing is complete.

You may find that some of the content on your hard drive(s) may not appear on the GoFlex TV, even after the blue status light in the corner of the screen has stopped spinning, which means that the indexing process has completed.

This is because the file system of the hard drive connected to the GoFlex TV or the media file types might not be supported by GoFlex TV, or the hard drive file system itself might be corrupted.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Check your GoFlex TV User Guide to make sure the USB drive file system and media file types are supported.

  2. Safely remove the drive from the GoFlex TV by powering down the GoFlex TV, then removing the drive.

  3. Connect the USB drive to your computer and troubleshoot any file system problems or corruption you encounter.
    Attempt to repair bad sectors and also run checkdisk or Disk First Aid for MacOS.