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How do I use a Backup Plus or GoFlex "for Mac" drive with a Windows computer?

Explains how to install the bundled driver on a PC to use the drive interchangeably between a Mac and a PC without having to format.

Backup Plus for Mac, GoFlex for Mac, and Slim for Mac drives are formatted at the factory to run under Mac OS. However, the drive will work in Windows without reformatting using the HFS4Win.exe utility

Install the downloadable HFS+ driver on the PC to use the drive interchangeably between the two without having to format. This is the perfect solution for primarily Mac computer users who still regularly utilize their PC. Since PCs will not recognize a drive formatted for Mac computers, there are limitations for file transfer between the two. By installing this driver, users can take full advantage of both platforms without any file size or program restrictions.

Simply install the utility and the drive will mount as a drive letter like a drive with a Windows format.

This utility only works with the following products:

  • Backup Plus for Mac Desktop
  • Backup Plus Portable for Mac
  • Slim for Mac
  • GoFlex for Mac
  • GoFlex Desk for Mac
  • GoFlex Pro for Mac