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How to Recover an Image Backup Using the Bootable Media CD with DiscWizard

If your system fails completely, you will need to do what is called a system recovery (also known as System Restore). This process calls for reloading the operating system, programs and restoring the data. With the aid of disaster recovery software like DiscWizard you can restore an image backup (.TIB file) that is stored on a backup drive.


  • An image backup created with DiscWizard can only be restored to the same computer on which it was created.

    *When booting to the DiscWizard CD, you will be prompted to boot normally into your Windows operating system or into DiscWizard. Select DiscWizard.
  1. From the home screen of DiscWizard, click Recovery on the left and then click Browse for backup.
    User-added image
  2. Under Computer/File Explorer, browse for the drive on which the image (.TIB file) is stored. Once you have selected the image, click OK.
    *From Boot CD* "Windows Explorer" Browse for the location that the image file is stored on.
  3. Right-click on the backup and click Recover.
    *From Boot CD* Shows the Recover option in the drop down that is given when you right click on the selected image backup file.
  4. Select to Recover Whole Discs and Partitions.
    *From Boot CD* Shows Recover Disc and Partitions selected.
  5. Select the disc you wish to recover (a checkmark on the source disk will populate all the partitions), then click Next.
    *This step is very important. Be sure to click the box next to the Disc number. Do NOT select each partition box individually
    *From Boot CD* Shows to check the box next to Disc 1. The Disc 1 box is squared off.
  6. Choose Destination Disc, then click Next.
    *From Boot CD* Shows selecting the destination drive where the image will be restored to. Disc 2 is selected
  7. This message will appear if the destination drive has been partitioned, click OK to allow DiscWizard to erase the drive of all its partitions before performing the Image Restore.
    *From Boot CD* Pop Up window warning you that Discwizard will delete all partitions off the Destination Disc.
  8. At the Summary screen, click Proceed to begin the restore.
    *From Boot CD* Summary screen of the operations that will be performed.
  9. A window will display the status of the restore.
    *From Boot CD* Operation Progress status bar.
  10. Once the operation has been completed disconnect the external drive on which the image (.TIB) was stored, then remove the DiscWizard CD and boot from the newly restored internal drive.