d2 Quadra V3 Update Instructions

D2 Quadra V3 Update Instructions

Below are the steps for updating your d2 Version 3 to the latest firmware. This patch addresses issues you may have experienced with your drive sleeping or being unresponsive after the computer has been sleeping. 


1. Disconnect all other external drives and peripherals and connect your d2 V3 via Firewire

2. Download the firmware compressed folder from the following URL: http://www.lacie.com/support/desktop-storage/d2-qudra-usb-3/ (d2 Quadra USB 3.0 updated for Mac)

3. Extract the files onto your desktop, there should be 3 files: 

  • d2Quadra2B-V3.01.04.12.bin
  • d2Quadrav3-V3.01.04.12.bin
  • LaCied2QuadraFirmwareUpdater_1823

4. Double click on "LaCied2QuadraFirmwareUpdater_1823", it may ask for your administrator password. 

5. If your drive is detected, the following terminal window should be visible. Enter Y and press return


6. Once the process is completed your drive will mount and the following terminal screen will be visible. You can close terminal and use your drive normally