Toolkit and Thunderbolt Daisy Chaining


Currently Toolkit does not support Thunderbolt daisy chaining. It only lists the drive directly connected to your computer. However, the drive on the list shows a capacity equal to all the drives on the Thunderbolt daisy chain.

All volumes on the chain are available under the name of the drive connected to the computer.

You can access the first daisy-chained drive in Toolkit and use it as a destination for Backup and Mirror plans. While other drives on the chain cannot be accessed in Toolkit, they remain available on the desktop and other applications.

You can also remove a drive from the daisy chain and connect it to another port on the computer in order to access it with Toolkit.

  1. Safely eject the drive as recommended by your computer's operating system. Note that disconnecting drives from a daisy chain starts with the last drive on the chain. For example, if you want to use the second drive of a five-drive daisy chain, you must safely eject drives two through five before disconnecting the cables.
  2. Disconnect the drive's cable from the daisy chain. 
  3. Connect the drive's cable to another port on your computer.