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Do you have any tips for burning DVDs?

Here are a few tips:

16x = 22.16MB/s
8x = 11.08MB/s
4x = 5.54MB/s
2x = 2.77MB/s
1x = 1.385MB/s
  • Always use good media; test media and stick with it. Not all media gives reliable results.
  • Make disc images, then burn using Toast on the Mac or Easy Media Creator on the PC.
  • If you are having problems burning using Apples Disc Burning or Windows XP built-in disc burner, try Toast or Easy Media Creator and see if you have better results.
  • A restart is recommended before burning.
  • Use a rewritable DVD disc for testing. If all goes well you can then burn on write-once media. Erase the rewritable to use again at another time.
  • If you are having issues burning LightScribe labels, you may use the same label side to write over and over. While you cannot erase the label, this can save you from using new media for every test burn. Once the issue has been resolved, use a new disc.
  • To ensure optimal recording results, avoid copying from a CD or DVD and record directly from a hard drive that supports sustained data transfer rates for the following speeds: