NAS - LaCie Network Assistant won't detect the LaCie Network Device

A short troubleshooting guide when the LaCie Network Assistant can't find a LaCie Network device on the network.

There are several reasons why LaCie Network Assistant (LNA) might not immediately detect a NAS disk on your network. Use the following checklist to troubleshoot:

  • Is the NAS powered on and connected to your router? Many times NAS drives are not obviously powered on or have had their power connectors removed without notice. 
  • Is the computer you're using connected to the same network as the NAS? 
  • Some computers require that you reboot after installing LNA to complete the process. 
  • If your router or computer have a strict firewall in place, you may need to create an exception for LNA. Most computer based firewalls include a list of applications that are blocked so you can give it an exception. 
  • If your router has UPnP disabled, you will need to enable it. See the router's manual or support help for more information on doing this. Note: Some Airport models do not support UPnP. 

If there are still issues, please contact LaCie technical support to investigate other possible solutions.