Playing media from your Fuel to your Chromecast

This article will talk about setting up your LaCie Fuel to play media with your Chromecast. To setup your Chromecast please follow the instructions on your Google Chromecast setup manual. You will be able to stream Photos, Music and Videos to your Chromecast from your LaCie Fuel.

Note: You will need a Chromecast device, LaCie Fuel, and Wireless Device iOS/Android/Windows. You will also need to have the LaCie Media App installed on your wireless device.

1. Connect your Chromecast to the same wireless network that you have your LaCie Fuel connected to.

With your mobile device connected to the same network open the LaCie Media App.

Your LaCie Media App should auto detect your LaCie Fuel. If it does not detect it on its own, you can manually find the device.


Photo 1.jpg

4. You will see a Cast button on the upper right corner when connection has been established.

Photo 2.jpg

5. Press Cast button to select your Chromecast from the list of streaming devices.

Photo 3.jpg

6. The Cast button will change on the main screen on your LaCie Media App when connection has been made.

Photo 4.jpg

(You may also press this button to view your current queued up stream to adjust volume or pause or disconnect)

7. On your TV you will see the following message: “Ready to watch? Choose a song, photo or video on your mobile device to play it here.”

Photo 5.jpg

8. On your wireless device from the LaCie Media App under your Media Libraries select item you wish to stream to your Chromcast enabled TV.

Photo 6.jpg